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300 apartment & mixed-use building at East Broad st. Elizabeth, NJ


LOCATION: East Broad st. Elizabeth, NJ 
Completion: ON GOING 
Gross Floor Area : 640,000 s.f.
Client: C&L East Broad Realty,LLC
Status: Board approved  
Apartment Numbers: 300
Number of floors: 10
-Mixed Use 


Project Overview:


Located in a key location in downtown Elizabeth, right across from the train station, this mix use building, with a mixture of one- and two-bedroom apartments, provides plenty of amenities making it very commuter friendly. It will be built on a large lot that had been mostly vacant for many years. At the top of the nine story towers the building offers terraces for the residents and a restaurant for the public with great views. The first floor provides retail space for the convenience of the many new residents. At the area of the complex closest to the train station, there will be a new public plaza. Residents will also enjoy a large open space on the third floor with barbeque areas, dog run, areas to practice sports, a running trail and a variety of seating areas.




These are some design strategies used to create, not just a luxury building, but also a more efficient and greener building.




• Accessibility:

All 300 apartments comply with ADA codes, and the entire building is accessible.


• Public transportation:

Just across the street, the site offers bus stops and a train station that connects this area with major cities in New Jersey and New York City. The downtown area offers most daily needs within a short walking distance. For those traveling on bicycles, there is plenty of bicycle storage and a fix-it station for residents to make repairs or maintain their bikes.


• Aesthetics:

The building has combined the contemporary with a classic look by mixing red brick with large glass openings and panels; providing a unique look. A soft, three-dimensional, edged tringle pattern ties the entire public and commercial space at different floors; while straight geometric forms, indicate private or residential use.


• Adaptive Reuse: 

We re-purposed an existing two-story building on the corner of Jefferson Avenue. This structure used to house the Elizabeth Coin Depot, leaving a very sound concrete structure. We tied the history of the building with some of our new design elements; covered the exterior façade with screen walls that allow to see the existing building, while a second façade visually connects the existing with the new. Most of the building is reused, now serving as Gym, yoga & music studio in the second floor and lobby and mechanical rooms in the first floor.  


• Safety and Security:

The building is gated and enclosed with fence and landscaping; security cameras are installed all around the public and common areas of the complex. The building promotes the use of the spaces inside and out at varying times throughout the day and week due to the mix of uses it provides, thus making the neighborhood livelier. 


• Minimizing Energy Use:

The building provides floor to ceiling glazing for all living rooms and commercial spaces, maximizing natural light, and needing less artificial light during the day. Through careful detailing of insulated exterior walls and the use of renewable energy such as solar panels, the amount of required fossil fuel is reduced.


• Productivity and Health:

The environment of the home can have a strong effect on the resident’s health and productivity. At the 3rd floor, we have a large shared open terrace around all three apartment towers, full of outdoor spaces and amenities such as: community space for events and parties, pavilions, barbeque areas, gazebos, seating areas, jogging & walking path ways, a dog run, a playground, outdoor fitness areas, outdoor game areas, and mini golf; promoting a healthy life style in the most convenient way. You can “live, work, and play” in the same building.


• Green Roof:

The roof top provides private gardens to grow vegetables and plants by tenants; encouraging people to have more of a healthy lifestyle. It also collects rain water and reduce heat reflection thus helping with the global warming issues.





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